Investment Opportunities


Direct Foreign Investment (DFI). In 2003, Brazil was the 15th leading destination for DFI, and in 2012 the 4th leading country (after the USA, China and Hong Kong)


Inflation rate in the last 10 years: 5.5% average


Unemployment 2003: 12.2%

Unemployment 2013: 5.2%


Income: From 2001 to 2012  per capita income across the board grew by 33%, and in the middle class it grew by 50%.


Foreign Reserves: 3rd largest in the World


Middle Class: 53% of the Brazilian population. In the last ten years 35 million people have joined.


Public Investment: PAC, “Brazilian New Deal”


Interest rate: From 2000 to 2013 it fell by 45%



Facts about Brazil


·         Among the 10 largest oil reserves / producers in the world


·         The largest exporter of iron ore, coffee, sugar, orange juice, and soybeans


·         The largest producer of ethanol from sugar cane


·         95 million internet users


·         2nd largest market for personal hygiene and cosmetics


·         3rd largest computer Market


·         4th largest aircraft manufacturer


·         5th largest mobile phone market


·         5th largest vehicle manufacturer


·         Average of 12.000 PhD and 41.000 Master degrees granted annually from Brazilian universities


·         100.000 new scholarships for Brazilian to study abroad to granted by 2014


·         60% of all R&D investment in Latin America is allocated in Brazil


·         More than 161 tech parks in operation













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