Promoting trade is the subject of an article in Valor Econômico Newspaper

Guilherme Amorim, Manager of the Softex/Apex-Brasil Sector Project, was interviewed for the special report “International trade fair is the port of entry” published by Valor Econômico newspaper on January 28.

Since 2005, Softex has been developing the Sector Project in partnership with the Brazilian Agency for Promoting Exports and Investments (Agência Brasileira de Promoção de Exportações e Investimentos - Apex-Brasil). Today, the 165 companies participating in this initiative represent nearly 1/3 of all Brazilian exports in this industry.
The Sector Project understands that the internationalization process is a long-term job, which entails accumulation of knowledge, experience and relationships. That is why its goal is to promote ongoing actions focused on the company’s preparation and engagement in the foreign market, mitigating risks and generating positive cash flow more quickly.
These include attending international trade shows, major events not only for getting closer to potential partners and local customers, but also for mapping opportunities and gathering information about the competition and the local market.
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