Barcelona welcomes Brazilian IT during World Congress 2016

Program includes prescheduled meetings with business owners

In yet another initiative of the competitive internationalization program for software and IT services managed by Softex in partnership with the Brazilian Agency for Promoting Exports and Investments (Agência Brasileira de Promoção de Exportações e Investimentos - Apex-Brasil), a delegation of 14 companies attended Mobile World Congress (MWC) from February 22 to 25 in Barcelona, Spain, the leading global meeting of the mobile communication industry.
Accompanied by Ruben Delgado, CEO of Softex, and an entourage of senators and congressmen, Communications Minister André Figueiredo attended the event.
At the Brazilian booth, Datacom, eMotion, EiTV, Icarotech, Ixia, MC1, Navita, Prime Systems, Priori, RemOPT, Sikur, Stefanini, Tokenlab and Zup showcased a diversified portfolio of software and hardware solutions and services, including the super-secure Granite smartphone, platforms for digital content distribution, application developments, mobile security, infrastructure and operational management, mobility management and network products, from the backbone to access over fiber or copper.
“Because it is multi-faceted, covering all segments and the entire ecosystem revolving around mobility, MWC is a key forum for conducting business and discussing the current scenario and the future of the mobile industry, as well as new technological trends in products and services,” explains Guilherme Amorim, Softex Sector Project manager.
Attending MWC for the third time, the Ciberbras Group company Sikur, specialized in cyber security and defense, introduced its secure communication platform at MWC 2016, as well as the GranitePhone, a device with all the features of a smartphone, but designed to ensure total privacy in calls, messaging, documents and chats.
“We want to generate new demands for our current distributors in Brazil, Latin America, USA, Europe and the Middle East, and sign new deals with potential added value distributors, especially in the security and communication field. We had 25 meetings scheduled with executives from various countries,” mused Cristiano Iop Kruger, chief executive officer (CEO) of Sikur.
Attending MWC for the first time, one of the top global providers of technology-based business solutions, with operations in 39 countries, Stefanini sees the meeting as a driver for new business and global expansion.
“Mobility is included in the Group’s portfolio as one of the cornerstones to promoting greater efficiency and improving the business processes of our customers. We have customized solutions for many economic segments, and MWC will be a crucial event for sealing strategic and even supplementary partnerships, and for showing the competitive advantages of our offering for application development, mobile device support and management in an organization’s infrastructure,” says Ailtom Nascimento, vice-president of the Stefanini Group.
MC1, a Brazilian-based multinational corporation focused on business intelligence and processes using mobility, brought the innovative enterprise platform Win The Market for sales, merchandising and field services teams to MWC. “MWC puts us at the heart of global mobility initiatives,” says Rafael Merseguel, MC1’s Director of Sales and Channels.

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