Softex: Brazilian IT shows up at BETT 2016


SAO PAULO, Jan. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- For the sixth straight year, Brazil was present at BETT, the world's biggest technology show geared towards education. The initiative was part of the sectorial project for promotion of exports by the software and IT services industry, developed by Softex in partnership with Apex-Brasil. The meeting was held in London on January 20th to 23rd, and Brazil's presence at the event had additional support from Cisco.


"BETT has a strong focus on innovation, a distinctive feature of the solutions that make up the Brazilian portfolio. This time, we've decided to step outside the traditional model of the stand in the exhibits pavilion for a more proactive participation, centered on the promotion of business gatherings with potential partners," notes Guilherme Amorim, manager of Softex Sectorial Project.


ClassApp, Digital Pages, FGX and Vitae are the four Brazilian companies present. Beginning its process of internationalization, the startup ClassApp brought an innovative app to the event that connects parents, teachers and schools. 


"This solution was conceived from the outset as a tool for use not only in Brazil, but also in schools abroad. Free apps do not provide the necessary security and privacy attributes.  Today, our solution is used by more than 50 thousand families and 100 schools," emphasizes ClassApp CEO, Vahid Sherafat.


Youssef Mourad, CEO of Digital Pages, a leading provider of digital content solutions, also sees BETT as a platform for access to the global market. "We've identified the adherence of our solutions to the demands of a variety of countries in

Europe. This is the case, for example, with our RDP platform, which makes it possible to join together traditional instructional content with digital resources and analytics, stimulating engagement and interaction," he observes.

During the four days of the event, the Softex team will also take part in a series of encounters with companies and international institutes interested in providing support and content for the Brasil Mais TI program. With more than 190 thousand registered students, Brasil Mais TI is currently offering 30 different courses (1,500 class hours) with an average duration of 30 hours each.


In addition to the business gatherings, the schedule of the Brazilian delegation includes guided tours to a number of universities, as well as participation in innovation sessions and the official BETT executive round tables.


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